Seminar Description:

The basic objective of the seminar is to acquire and use two processes that will enable you to achieve a high degree of success in all areas of life. To achieve this end Creative Goal Achievement Seminars teaches a relaxation technique and mental process based upon universal laws that enable self-determination and achievement of personally significant life goals. Continued application of the goal achievement process will result in the increase feelings of purposefulness, self-confidence and self-esteem. Concomitant to the use of the process are improved health, improved relationships, improved problem recognition and resolution skills, awareness of personal motivation and the motivation of others as well as reduced stress in personal and business life.

The accumulation of these feelings will, in turn, lead to success in all areas of life and an increased sense of peace of mind.

Seminar Objectives:

  1. Apply the relaxation process to the betterment of daily life.
  2. Learn, and accept the reality of, the creative process.
  3. Develop proficiency in applying techniques to reduce stress, anxiety and ill health.
  4. Reveal a specific direction your individual life should take.
  5. Learn to retain and recall information to a high degree.
  6. Learn to evaluate life choices in terms of their impact on your peace of mind.
  7. Make choices from a perspective that involves self-discipline, courage and personal integrity.
  8. Acquire use of a process that will allow the student to conduct their life with confidence, dignity and an unassailable sense of purpose.

Specific Areas of Instruction:

  1. Self-discipline.
  2. Character development.
  3. Calming & quieting process.
  4. Power of personal creation.
  5. Laws of the universe.
  6. Understanding reality.
  7. Personal creativity.
  8. Directing mental images.
  9. Life management.
  10. Selecting a first project.