Creative Goal Achievement training class is presented in a seminar format to groups from two to thirty attendees. All classes, regardless of format, provide the students with a process that can answer the most important questions in life:

  1. What direction should your life take?
  2. How will your begin your journey?
  3. What will you become?

The class requires twenty hours of instructional time and can be offered in varying ways depending upon the needs of the attendees. Sample formats for the class are as follows:

  • One long weekend with four-hour classes on Thursday, Friday evenings and two eight-hour classes on Saturday and Sunday.
  • A shorter weekend class can be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday for eight hours.
  • Classes can be taught in conformance with an existing class schedule for college settings.

The class text, Living a Successful Life: How to Set and Achieve Meaningful Goals , is required reading and is available for $20.00. Contact Paul Tillman to purchase a copy.

Seminars held away from the central North Carolina area are offered only in the Friday, Saturday and Sunday format to minimize cost to the attendees.

Corporate leadership seminars can be modified to fit the needs of the business.