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Paul D. Tillman

For over twenty years I have dedicated myself to the mission of helping people become aware that they are powerful participants in a universe that is different than they ordinarily perceive. I have focused my efforts on the practical aspects implementing what they learn by teaching processes they can use to create a more exciting and meaningful life. Fulfilling this mission is the purpose of my book and seminars. 

Books by Paul

Minnie, a country girl from the Panhandle of Florida, is tricked into smuggling cocaine by a wealthy gulf coast real estate financier and his opportunistic cohort.

Her story involves romance, aviation, deception, violence and courage. Follow Minnie as she calls upon her determined spirit, intelligence and the support of her friends to defeat the men who deceived her.

The most important question in life is what should you do with it? What do you want and what will you become? Can you really live your life on your terms?

This book contains the process you need to learn to find the answer to these questions and many more. When you discover your internal guidance mechanism, you will be able to trust yourself and lead your life with self-assurance.

With your newfound sense of confidence you will uncover goals that are compatible with who you really are. Once you discover your goals, you’ll need a process that will unerringly lead you to achieve them.