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What do we do when we evolve?

As the title of this blog indicates, if we are to evolve we need to change the reality of the world.

If you think about it a second, especially if you look at the diagram above, you’ll see that reality involves a lot of different things. Reality is different for everyone and so even defining reality is difficult. But, it can be done. So here goes.

Your reality is the sum total of your mind’s reaction to all the pieces of information that have ever entered your brain. Your reality, based on your past experiences and future expectations, plus the forces of nature created by the consciousness of the creator and the realities of all other human beings creates the current state of the planet. You, all the other people, and the forces of nature create the world just the way it is now. So, if those of us who want to evolve want to create a more harmonious society in tune with the needs of the natural world we must change how we view ourselves with respect to how we contribute to the reality of the world. In other words, we must change our reality by recognizing that we create our reality within our mind and begin to think different thoughts and hold more positive visions about the future of our planet in our minds. We will evolve when we accept our ability to change the real world with the contents of our minds.

You may wonder how one person, the solitary you, can accomplish this. The fact is that you can not do it alone. Many people need to evolve and accept their creative power to change their reality to begin changing the reality of the world. But take heart, there are many, many people already involved in making this personal choice to evolve. If you look about you, you can see the evidence of their work. People are concerned with green living, cutting down on fossil fuel consumption, clean water, energy efficiency and many other projects. What you need to do now to evolve, to get on board with the planet saving effort, is to make a choice to evolve. You might ask, what will happen to me then?

I can’t predict your individual path. But I can state with absolute assurance, that once you make a decision to evolve your consciousness to one that accepts your power to change the reality of the world paths will appear before you, ideas will stick in your mind that seem attractive to you and that will lead you to change your reality and contribute to the salvation of life on the planet. In reality, there is no other choice accept self-centered extinction. By the way, even if there are self centered block heads that refuse to change it won’t matter. All we need is fifty percent plus one and the world will change.